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Absolute Heavy Duty Mechanics Ltd. is a heavy duty shop specializing in:

  • Commercial Vehicle Inspections including School Buses

  • Rescue and Hauling Services

  • Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer

  • Powertrain and Front End

    Absolute Heavy Duty Mechanics is now providing alignment services (Alignment System, Tractor on Turnplates, Tractor on Floor, Alignment System Caster Measurement, Trailer Alignment, Automotive Alignment, Truck Alignment and Auto Parts Repair Shop) using the advanced technology WinAlign HD in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Save the trip to Edmonton or Calgary and book your alignment diagnostic today.  Call Us – (780) 542-8242

In January 2019, we became the first shop to utilize an alignment system called WinAlign HD which allow our mechanics the advantage of doing wheel alignment diagnostics and repair on tri-axle equipment and larger, without unhooking from the tractor.

We are also a Speed Demon certified dealer, so contact us for all Speed Demon lights and bars.